Thursday, July 9, 2009


So I will start blogging about something really not too important, but something that made me tear........ Michael Jackson..........sniff sniff......... It really did make me cry.
Kevin came home from work and asked me if I had heard the news.
(of course i hadn't. I am a stay home mom who is the last to hear any news ever!)
And then he said that Michael Jackson had died that day. I have to admit that at first I was just a bit shocked. After the kids were fed and in bed sleeping I somehow found myself online watching a you tube video. Then the tears came.
He may have been a bit messed up...but really who isn't. Ok and maybe I wouldn't ever have left my kids with him but.... He was an Icon. A legend. The king of POP.

Ok seriously... how many of you have seen the black and white video. Did you not love the face changing thing and think it was the coolest thing ever (maybe even still do) .
How many of you have mastered the whole Thriller dance?
Teared up while watching Heal The World video?
Hurt your knee caps because you didn't wear knee pads doing the little dance break from Scream?
Had your husband sing to you in the highest voice ever, " Hey pretty baby with the high heels on, you give me fever like I've never everknown. whooo hooo ooooo." grad himself and spin...... ( Yes Kevin does this, doesn't your husband?!)
And the Moon Walk.......need I say more.

I will miss him and Yes, I did tear.
Kevin thinks he is pulling an Elvis. I hope so......sniff.


Sharon said...

Yay!!!! So glad to see you blogging. Loved the little tidbits of the effects MJ has had on your life. I sent you an email via Kevin cus he's the only email I have.
We have got to see each other soon. I miss you too much!!!

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

What really got me was his daughter speaking at his memorial service. When she said that he was the best daddy and then she started to cry. Straight to the heart.

Wight At Home said...

Hey Amy! Send me your email and I will add ya to my blog. I miss you guys already!

Rachelle Cooper said...

I totally hear you.. jeremy thought i was pretty lame that i was sad.. but for real i LOVED his music. I always told Jer that was the one thing i want to do is See MJ is concert and i was totally playing on doing whatever i could to see him with this tour.. too bad he just had SOO much talent..

Jen said...

I hear ya! Finally you update, you think with all of your G's gone you would keep us posted on you kids. So let see some pictures! By the way I am keeping that weekend in august open so you better come. Tell kev it is a must. I have been reflecting on all our girls night and was feeling sad, so we need to plan a trip! I don't care if it is a year down the road. Anyways Christy and I finally did a Girls night last night and went to the movie, we saw the proposal it was funny. I thought you would of loved it. I call you soon. miss ya

Karen said...

I have to admit...i was pretty sad too!! I am so glad you are a blogger!

Christal said...

AMY!! How are you?? Its been forever you little girls are so adorable and you look as amazing as ever! I miss our saskatoon days and getting my hair done and all our fun talks! How are you guys??
Love this post it is a shocker when someone like him goes so quickly and suddenly i loved heal the world still do!! Great post!!

stone's eye view said...

I am with you right you right up until the end. Josh doesnt have the best high voice... They have more recent concert DVDs at the library. You should check it out.

Sharon said...

I found this on youtube and thought you and Kevin would love it.