Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monster Mash

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Please Vote!!!

My really good friend Helen is in a competition at swings and roundabouts and needs some of your votes!!!!!!
She is an amazing person, friend, and mom. She really deserves to win this. Please take a few seconds and help her out. You guys would really be doing me a favor!
(The pictures of firemen aren't too bad either...mmmmm firemen... )
You will have to cut and paste the link in. When you get to the page there is a box on the right hand side click on the box labeled, Fireman's Pk-Helen
here is the link...
Thanks guys, votes need to be in by Sunday night so do it ASAP!
Good Karma will be comin' your way....and maybe some firemen! heheh :}
Love all of you, and thanks again for helping me out!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Photo Booth

These are pictures we took at our Ward carnival last month. We had face painting and tons of games. We set up a Photo booth and took pictures of everybody that came out wearing these clown noses! It was such a fun time and everyone was such good sports.
Did I mention I was released as the Primary President?! Now I am working in the activities committee and in the nursery! So different but so FUN!

WE love Mrs.Carle!

Some of you have been asking about pictures of the quilt that
I made for Paisley"s teacher Mrs. Carle. Here it is...... Sorry about the bad picture, now don't look too close. It is only the second quilt I have ever done......the only quilt i have ever hand quilted, the only quilt I have ever done a binding on, and I thought I would make it ultra snugly and made it using fireside minky on the border and backing. (which is really hard to work with, especially to hand bind on.)
But I finished in time.....lots of late nights, but it was all worth it. When Mrs.Carle was off sick I had asked the sub. Teacher if I could come in and have the kids all draw a self portrait and a little note to her on an little piece of paper. I then scanned them into my computer, re sized them and printed them on fabric (that i had pretreated with bubble jet set) through our printer.The kids in the class were so excited to present the finished product to her. I think it was so fun to see them all show her what they had created. It was hard for me to even snap a good picture because it was so emotional. Even now I am tearing up.

Some people also asked why I did this. and I really do feel like I need to explain....
Yes, I know that I have been known to have these grand ideas that take a lot of time and effort. My poor husband...... thanks for being so patient with me. But this was different. This was for Mrs. Carle.

Now any of you that have sent of your child off to start ALL DAY school know what I am talking about when I say it is the scariest thing ever. Sending them to be taught and influenced by someone for more hours in the day than I see them. Not knowing who this person is and how they will treat your baby. It is nerve racking.

But with Mrs. Carle......... how can I put into words the kind of person she is. This may sound funny, but the only people I can even compare her to would be like Mother Teressa, Gandhi, or the Savior. Seriously, she is the most Christ like person I have ever met. Just being around her, in her presence made me a better person. I am so thankful to have had her influence not only on my child and past year, but on myself. Paisley was so lucky to have been in her class. She really loved the kids and they really loved her. This was her last year of teaching. We are going to miss her, I wish Piper had the chance to be taught by her too. We love you Mrs. Carle. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So I will start blogging about something really not too important, but something that made me tear........ Michael Jackson..........sniff sniff......... It really did make me cry.
Kevin came home from work and asked me if I had heard the news.
(of course i hadn't. I am a stay home mom who is the last to hear any news ever!)
And then he said that Michael Jackson had died that day. I have to admit that at first I was just a bit shocked. After the kids were fed and in bed sleeping I somehow found myself online watching a you tube video. Then the tears came.
He may have been a bit messed up...but really who isn't. Ok and maybe I wouldn't ever have left my kids with him but.... He was an Icon. A legend. The king of POP.

Ok seriously... how many of you have seen the black and white video. Did you not love the face changing thing and think it was the coolest thing ever (maybe even still do) .
How many of you have mastered the whole Thriller dance?
Teared up while watching Heal The World video?
Hurt your knee caps because you didn't wear knee pads doing the little dance break from Scream?
Had your husband sing to you in the highest voice ever, " Hey pretty baby with the high heels on, you give me fever like I've never everknown. whooo hooo ooooo." grad himself and spin...... ( Yes Kevin does this, doesn't your husband?!)
And the Moon Walk.......need I say more.

I will miss him and Yes, I did tear.
Kevin thinks he is pulling an Elvis. I hope so......sniff.


OK....I must start this with a huge I'm sorry!
To all of you who check this blog and remind me of how terrible I am at keeping it up , i really apologize. I stink at this.
It has been so long I seriously have forgotten how to do this. But I think I will start anew today.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

alright, so it is the new year and I have wanted to start a blog for a long time. So I thought this was as good of a time as any to start up.
2008 has been soooooo good to our little family. I just feel so amazingly blessed. Life is so good.
Here are some pictures to recap some of our favorite moments....that is if I can figure out how to add pictures...hhhmmmm......