Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Please Vote!!!

My really good friend Helen is in a competition at swings and roundabouts and needs some of your votes!!!!!!
She is an amazing person, friend, and mom. She really deserves to win this. Please take a few seconds and help her out. You guys would really be doing me a favor!
(The pictures of firemen aren't too bad either...mmmmm firemen... )
You will have to cut and paste the link in. When you get to the page there is a box on the right hand side click on the box labeled, Fireman's Pk-Helen
here is the link...
Thanks guys, votes need to be in by Sunday night so do it ASAP!
Good Karma will be comin' your way....and maybe some firemen! heheh :}
Love all of you, and thanks again for helping me out!


Jen said...

i totally voted and It looks like she is in the lead.

Harris said...

Hi Amy, I was blog stalking and found you and your adorable family. i hope this will link you to my blog. i just started and son'y know what I'm doing... anyways, your fam is so cute! how are things going?